MystiQ Video Converter

Easy to use and elegant Multimedia converter.

Windows GNU/Linux macOS
Framework Qt5
GPL v3
Main Features

The multimedia converter you need

MystiQ Video Converter

Simple and easy graphical interface

MystiQ Video Converter offers a clean and intuitive graphical interface. Our goal is to allow users to use the application easily since the very first moment. MystiQ doesn't distract you, instead it focuses on tasks to solve.

MystiQ Video Converter

Multiplatform Application

MystiQ Video Converter is available for Microsoft Windows (version 7 and on) and for multiple GNU/Linux distributions. It will be available for MacOS soon.

MystiQ Video Converter


Thanks to the community, MystiQ Video Converter is translated into more than 15 languages and up. If you don't see your language, you could consider support us with your translation. You don't need to be a programmer to colaborate.

MystiQ Video Converter

Audio and video support

MystiQ supports almost every audio and video at this moment. Likewise, it can convert any of these files to any supported format, which makes MystiQ a versatile tool and focused on what it is meant to be.

MystiQ Video Converter

Access to source code

MystiQ is Free Software. The application source code is available for everybody because we believe that you should have control and the oportunity to contribute to the project. You are important for us, and we take that into account. Our application is licensed under the GPLv3.

MystiQ Video Converter

Multiarchitechture application

Unlike other similiar solutions, MystiQ Video Converter offers installation packages for 32 and 64 bit systems. This allows a better performance on 64 bit devices and therefore better conversion times.

MystiQ Video Converter MystiQ Video Converter
The application that cares about its users

Every detail for your needs

For MystiQ Video Converter development team, users are the most important component to the project. If you want to contribute, you can contact us and be part of the team.

Colaborative Project

MystiQ, a community driven project

MystiQ Video Converter source code is available on Github, public for everybody and licensed under the GPLv3. MystiQ is a Free Software project and you can be part of our team.

MystiQ Video Converter MystiQ Video Converter

This is how our application looks like


What do the users say about MystiQ?

MystiQ Video Converter

Help us maintain the project

MystiQ is free software and it's also a free of charge application. However, its development demands a lot of time and effort. We need your help to keep developing MystiQ with new features. Please consider support MystiQ project sending a donation. Even the smallest quantity will help a lot.

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